10,000 Chairs

10,000 chairs (copyright 2005) is an art/meditation event I began in 2005. Facing writer’s block I happened upon Leonard Cohen’s sketch of a chair, inspired, I began drawing chairs. Little by little, now and then, I sketch, paint and draw chairs and other interesting things.

firstchair.jpg This was the first chair – the color and shape inspired by Leonard Cohen’s sketches.

redchair.jpgchair 2006multiple chairs 2006

Markers and pencil 2005-2006.




2007 markers, pastels, water color pencil


pencil 2005


Abstract Do Over 2006


Detail Abstract Lines and Dots 2006


Event Planning 2006



Detail Event Planning 2006


Lines and Dots 2006


Kitties Dream






1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Martha
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 17:54:57

    Very groovy. I just stumbled on you blog via Twitter. Are yinz currently from Pittsburgh?

    And have you encountered Lynda Barry’s book “100 Demons?”

    Martha – thank you for stopping by and commenting – I don’t haven’t read “100 Demons” but I will check it out right away (I am a people pleaser.) I checked out your blog – love the cats and dogs. I have 2 rescued cats and am sitting for a sleek young cat named “Thorton” while his owner works for the DNC for Obama.
    I am a huge Bust/Bitch fan – am going to keep my eyes open for your work.

    I live in Ohio – originally from Pa though.


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