The Eagle Flies

Remember my Zappos post and pledge? In the months between then and now both Zappos and I faced some challenges. I returned my first pair because they weren’t quite perfect and then decided to wait to purchase any other shoes until I was employed. The economic slow down continued to, well, slow down, until even Tony Hsieh and Zappos had to make some tough decisions.

I saw the news of Zappos lay-offs first on Twitter, and since I follow more than a few Zappos folks, it felt very close. I respect the way Zappos handled the lay offs – folks were given severance pay and health benefits for a period of time. It re-affirmed my decision to support Zappos once I was back on my feet (no pun intended).

I sweated unemployment for a full year when in mid-December I got 2 job offers. I started work January 5th and believe me, I am on Cloud 9.

But I haven’t forgotten the experiences of the past year, or my friends at  Zappos.

I needed new boots desperately but had to wait until I got paid or as those of us who live on the edge say “when the eagle flies.” I got paid, set aside for debt repayment, bought my groceries, paid some utilities and gave my friends at Zappos a call.

Well loved, well worn pink Uggs

Well loved, well worn pink Uggs

You know their customer service is always awesome, so my order was processed awesomely and on Tuesday, January 20th as our nation welcomes historic change, so will I!

Chocolate Uggs from Zappos!

Chocolate Uggs from Zappos!

If you want employers to treat their employees well – whether it is day to day management or when hard choices and lay offs are being made, you need to support the employers who do it right. Value and respect come with a price – the cost of doing buisness ethically and responsibly sometimes means the customer pays more. I let my pocket book do the talking with me – I am discerning where I spend my hard earned dollars.

And I am delighted that I have dollars to spend at Zappos.

By the way Tony – we have to start talking green and sustainability practices over the next year.

Meanwhile I still ❤ Zappos.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Becky
    Jan 18, 2009 @ 11:52:18

    I love ’em too. And I really love those Uggs! I wish I could currently fit my very, very swollen feet into anything like that right now.

    Becky – your unabashed and honest commentary of motherhood keeps me in stitches! Sending you happy non-swollen thoughts!


  2. Pammy Girl
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 18:30:25

    Tony Hseih is coming to my university in a few months so speak. I’m currently doing all the publicity for his visit. I’ve not used Zappos but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I’m glad you got your boots and are now enjoying the good employed life.


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