It is depressing beyond belief that the most hard hitting interview of John McCain was on the View.  It is depressing beyond belief that with the economy in the toilet and working class people suffering more than ever that good Christian people cannot see beyond Sarah Palin’s glossy lipstick and pro-life stance.

From one Wasillian some advice:

For just 22 months, Sarah Palin has been the governor of a state of just 680,000 people that is “awash” in money (as former Alaska governor Tony Knowles put it) and receives more pork-barrel money per capita than any other state. Alaska has no tricky border or immigration issues with the remote parts of British Columbia and the coast of Siberia. There are no inner cities struggling with poverty and daily violence. There is a lot of drunk driving (Alaska is dark and cold much of the year), though the state police force is well funded, and the road system they patrol is startlingly simple; I can’t think of a stretch of highway lasting 15 miles that has more than four lanes.

John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin shows that he is moving farther and farther to the right of mainstream America. If he’s doing it for political reasons, he’s no maverick. If he’s doing this for reasons of principle, he is merely out of touch with most Americans. Ninety percent of the delegates to the Republican National Convention were white. That might resemble the America that the Republican Party sees, and it certainly resembles the demographics that shaped Gov. Palin over the many years she’s lived in Alaska. But it’s not the America most Americans live in. Not only is Sarah Palin’s executive experience inadequate, her worldview is not even remotely diverse or nuanced enough to appreciate either the domestic challenges or international complexities that a VP must grasp at the most basic level. A McCain/Palin administration would be risky at best and potentially disastrous.

We Are All Wasillans Now, The Root, Ryan Quinn.

Every democrat and liberally minded American must work to get out the vote for Obama – too much is at stake.


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  1. Barbara
    Sep 15, 2008 @ 09:58:03

    Amusing McCain/Palin still running Obama celebrity ads when Palin seems to be the celebrity these days!


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