Alaska’s media is telling the truth even if the RNC is not

Politics as usual for the Republican party.

I am still waiting for any conservative blogger to address the issues raised in John Stewart’s hypocrisy video.  Mrs. Fussypants had dozens of comments decrying what they described as brutal treatment of Palin by the MSM but not one comment addressed any real facts.


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  1. Carole Cohen
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 17:54:49

    What worries me is that people may not really want the truth, only sound bytes. That’s scary, no? I agree that some things were floated that turned out to not be true, but we have a right to know who we are voting for, what they stand for and how they have ‘lead’ in the past.

    This is the most worrisome election I’ve followed. I think maybe the RNC ran all those ads on celebrity because they decided that’s really how they wanted the election to be conducted, on celebrity not issues. And isn’t it working so far? Sigh

    Carole – I just saw the new McCain sex ed ad and I realize that he, Sarah Palin and the rest of their ilk don’t value honor or truth. I am hoping the newly enfranchised voters will take this seriously and get the vote out. If they/we don’t we have only ourselves to blame.


  2. Cheryl
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 17:32:55

    Oh. My. G-d.

    Have I told you lately that I *LOVE* you?


    Well, I do.

    So there.

    The hypocrisy in the GOP runs so deep that it burns my eyes & ears. I’m not saying it doesn’t run deep in the DEM party either, but are the Conservative Media KIDDING w/ their endorsement of this woman? Really?

    For the past several months when it became clear that McCain was going to be the presumptive nominee for the GOP, my Republican friends and family all said, “Oh, my goodness! I don’t know if I can vote for him. He’s not really towing the Party Line. He’s Old. He’s so crazy!”

    Suddenly Palin is on the ticket and they’re ENERGIZED by McCain’s prospects of winning the White House.


    Meanwhile, gas prices are dropping (miraculous). Maybe we’re not really in an economic crises after all?

    Or has Rove, Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney, et. al. begun yet another Coup?

    All I can tell you is that I’m scared sister. Very very scared. And I didn’t even care for Obama that much, to the point that I wasn’t even going to vote for the first time in my life.

    But I can tell you what, I’m voting now. And I sure as heck ain’t voting for the GOP.

    Much love,

    C ~


  3. Chris/FormerlyFun
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 15:25:21

    It’s important to write and talk about it. Some people’s minds are still open to change.

    Has Anyone Seen My Soapbox?a>


  4. John
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 16:16:27

    Did you hear Biden commenting today that Hillary might have been a better choice for VP than he was?!!

    I think Biden should step aside and let Obama replace him with Hillary. Obviously the wacko right-wing has been energized by that lying Palin, so there’s no need to worry about them showing up in droves to vote against Hillary.

    Hillary would energize the Dems and the resulting voter turnout would probably be incredible. Not to mention all the press coverage and wagging tongues talking about the switch. I thought Biden would have been better as secretary of state anyway.

    For the record, I was very unhappy hearing Hillary’s lies about getting shot at, but I guess that’s how today’s politics works. So if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

    Go Hillary, Go!


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