Republican Women You’ve Been Punked!

No matter what Peggy Noonan said the morning after, the audio recording is clear, in her opinion John McCain’s campaign is over and his selection of Sarah Palin is nothing but a cynical gimmick.

Peggy Noonan is a smart woman – she knows Republicans are being sold a bill of goods. If McCain really wanted to shatter the glass ceiling he would have picked one of the many accomplished, impressive and savvy female republican politicians out there – women like Kay Bailey Hutchison or Christine Todd Whitman.  Instead McCain picked a shiny anti-abortion package guaranteed to appeal to the far right Christian base.

The media, doing what they are supposed to do, what I expect them to do, started to ask the questions – who is she, what has she done, and where does she stand on the issues. Faster than you can say “equal pay for equal work” Republicans, who a few months ago excoriated Hillary for even suggesting that sexism was in play, started screaming foul.  When the media dared to even ask Palin, wait, they are not allowed to ask Palin, when the media dared to ask one of John McCain’s talking heads for concrete examples of Palin’s foreign policy experience they morphed it into an attack on women everywhere.

McCain’s chief policy adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer who not so long ago chided Hillary’s supporters for playing the gender victimization card now complains that Sarah Palin is the victim of an outrageous double standard.

The mind boggles to hear Dick Morris and Sean Hannity complain about how deep sexism runs when a few months ago Dick Morris taunted Hillary on what she was going to do when the boys in Russia or the boys in the middle east or the boys in China started picking on her.  Morris made it very clear that a woman who wants to be president shouldn’t complain when things get tough.

What should Sarah Palin do?

Perhaps she should follow her own advice to women politicians faced with “excess criticism and perhaps a sharper microscope” to “work harder, prove yourself to a greater degree that you are going to be a better candidate.”

Double standard indeed.

Let’s talk about double standards.  First Palin’s experience – she might have been Mayor, but she didn’t make decisions, she had a City Manager to do that after rash firings of perceived enemies within a few months of taking office sparked threat of a recall.  Next her reform claims – her record in Wasilla proves that is far from the truth.  A town with no debt when she took office was riddled with debt and lawsuits over incomplete projects that have yet to be settled.  She hired a Washington lobbyist scoring federal funds at a level high enough to catch the old John McCain’s ire.

Give it a break everyone – if she were a democratic man with the same experience the Republicans would be cutting her apart with glee.

Don’t believe me?

Not long ago Karl Rove was asked his opinion about the fitness of Tim Kaine, the former mayor of Richmond Virginia now in his third year as governor of Virginia, as Obama’s Vice Presidential choice.  Rove dismissed Kaine’s gubernatorial experience, belittled his mayoral experience saying Richmond was only the 105th largest city in America (population 200,000 – Palin’s Wasilla’s was 5,000) then pronounced that such a choice would be purely “political ” and not one concerned with good government.

As for the outrage about Bristol’s pregnancy – your guy O’Reilly said, BSP, that parents of teens who get pregnant out of wedlock were“pinheads” with no control over the morals of their child.  So if there is only one standard then the Palins are pinheads who have no control over the morals of their child. Wait, now O’Reilly says that it is a private family matter.

Double standard my ass. You have your proof.

There’s more but I will save it for another day; thinking about Sarah Palin’s snarkiness and the wilful ignorance of the conservatives makes my blood boil. I am going to write about the really scary as hell stuff tomorrow.

Need more Palin information – check out What was McCain thinking?


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  2. heligal
    Sep 07, 2008 @ 11:39:41

    I can’t help but agree with all this. But there are just enough stupid women (and men, apparently) to fall for this gimmick.


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