Where to start Wednesdays: it’s hot outside

July is like December only without the twinkly lights and music. It is 31 days long, hot, humid and, adding to the weather stress, July offers a major holiday with the attendant expectation of family fun and togetherness.

If you survive the 4th’s food and fireworks and venture out the next day to shop – bam – the holiday displays are gone. If you’re still in school you are faced with the early advertisement of back to school supplies (already!) while you are trying to enjoy yourself. If you are a working stiff, you sweat through your commute and wonder what happened to hot fun in the summertime?.

The answer – it is still there – you just have kick back whenever you can and enjoy the slower pace.

At the pool

At the pool

The Rebbe rides to Schul.

Ride to Schul.


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