UPDATE Two Buck Death Chuck

Trader Joe’s June 25th response

On June 16th I submitted an email to Trader Joe’s through their website. I created this post on June 23rd – that same day a review of my stat counter revealed a visit from Trader Joe’s Company in California. Today I received an email response to my question on why Two Buck Chuck was not pulled from the shelves:

The unfortunate and tragic death of Maria Jimenez highlights issues and concerns facing all agricultural industries across America.

Maria Jimenez was employed by an independent contractor, working in an independent vineyard. The vineyard supplies many wineries, but was not supplying grapes for Charles Shaw.

The media has not correctly presented the details of the matter.

The company employing the young farm worker has no more of a relation to Trader Joe’s than they do to any other wine retailer or restaurant.

Our vendors have a strong record of providing safe and healthy work environments and we are currently making certain that our vendors are meeting government standards throughout all aspects of their businesses.

Thank you for sharing your concerns.

Customer Relations

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Attention to farm safety is overdue

Family of teen who died in vineyard sues field owner, labor contractor

Heat Kills Cropworkers at Rate 20 Times Higher Than Others


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