Coventry Street Fair 2008

When  G-d was a child and Chevy Chase was on Saturday Night Live the Coventry Street Fair was the happening of the summer.  Throughout the day until the wee hours of the morning you were entertained by artists, street people, music, food and the best people watching this side of Manhattan.

Oh how times have changed.

Last week I went to the first of three such street fairs – now called the “Coventry Street Arts Fair”  held between 6-9 PM on three summer evenings.  There were a few interesting jewelery makers, very little interesting food and not too many people.  The old hippies seemed just that – old and pretty weary.  Even Revolution Books lacked fire.

It was a gorgeous evening and it was a shame there wasn’t more to do, see and engage the imagination. The one bright spot was the Winking Lizard’s outdoor barbecue.   The burgers were worth the trip.

The next 2 fairs will be held on Thursday July 17th and Thursday August 7th from 6 – 9 PM.  Here’s hoping it will be more interesting – if not at least the hamburgers are good.

Coventry Village


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