There Is A Reason It Is Two Buck Chuck – UPDATE

CAL-OSHA shut down Merced Farm Labor and Solis Farm Labor, both employers at the Farmington vineyard where 17 year old Maria Vasquez’s collapsed, after investigation revealed that both continued to hire and place workers in unsafe conditions after Vasquez’s death from heat exhaustion.

Maria died on May 16th after collapsing 2 days earlier while tending vines for Merced Farm Labor, makers of Charles Shaw wine aka “Two Buck Chuck ” marketed by Trader Joe’s. She had been working 8 hours in the blistering heat without shade or sufficient water. The closest water supply was a 10 minute walk away and workers were not permitted a long enough break to get to the water source.

When I asked whether Two Buck Chuck was going to be pulled from the shelves my local Trader Joe’s said that were not aware of Maria’s story.

Write Trader Joe’s and demand that Two Buck Chuck be pulled from the shelves.


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