Tasers and The Republican National Convention

Must read article by Molly Priesmeyer on Taser International’s money making plans for the Republican National Convention. Part 1; Part 2.

Photo: J. Star (Flickr)


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  1. bookfraud
    Jun 16, 2008 @ 18:13:43

    well, they have to do something if michael moore shows up; if they were to shoot at him, he could write a new ending to “bowling for columbine.”

    also, you know how all those left-wing agitators will try to disrupt the convention. with all that annoying factual shit about the war. can’t shoot them, either, so the taser is the next-best thing. “go tase the bro!” will become the gop rallying cry.

    You know they have these group taser devices now – pretty scary stuff and what is most troubling to me is that no one seems to care that these very dangerous devices are being used as if they are totally safe.


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