Bush, McCain and the GI Bill – UPDATED


Check out John Stewart of The Daily Show on the New GI BIll.

Then go to GI Bill 2008 to tell the President that you support the new GI Bill. Our service men and women need our support.

Do it today!

May 27, 2008

The You Tube video I posted yesterday in honor of Memorial Day contained more than one gratuitous photo op of Bush with tears in his eyes. Either he is crying because he misses playing golf or he is a good actor because, when push comes to shove, Mr. Bush has demonstrated that he doesn’t care about our service men and women.

So lavish with other people’s sacrifices, so reckless in pouring the national treasure into the sandy pit of Iraq, Mr. Bush remains as cheap as ever when it comes to helping people at home. via NYT

While Bush and McCain give lip service honor to those who serve, they ignore the needs of service personnel once their tour of duty is over. The President and Mr. McCain oppose the G.I. Bill of Rights, a bi-partisan bill sponsored by Jim Webb, Democrat of Virginia, and Chuck Hagel, Republican of Nebraska which would provide full tuition and expenses to four year universities for veterans with at least three years military service since 9/11.

Husband No. 1, a Viet Nam vet, went to college on the GI Bill. His tour of Viet Nam had affected him deeply and I wonder, without the GI Bill, would he have gone on to the stable career he has enjoyed the past 33 years? Thirty-three years of being a hard working tax payer – I think the government’s investment paid off.

The post WWII GI bill has become “known as one of the most successful benefits programs — one of the soundest investments in human potential — in the nation’s history.” via NYT

I believe in the human potential of those who serve in Iraq; after such brave service they deserve not only our respect and gratitude, but also our investment in their futures.


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  1. bookfraud
    May 28, 2008 @ 16:26:17

    the scariest rationalization for voting against this bill? it might discourage military from re-enlisting — i’ve heard that from bush and mccain both. in other words, we don’t want them to get sent back to iraq for this godforsaken war for the fourth, fifth, even sixth time.

    it’s sickening.


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