Yet Again – Another Taser Death

No, I am not reposting about the unfortunate death of Kevin Piskura. Today’s posting deals with yet another Taser death involving an unarmed young man.

KARE11 reports that a 21 year old Minnesota man died after being tasered by police. The death occurred when police attempted to subdue the man after responding to a call about drug use and potential suicide. When mace failed to subdue the man, he was tasered and cuffed. Then he died.

The police cautioned that the cause of death had not been determined. Let’s see how fast Taser International Inc. gets there and tries to silence the medical examiner from relating the cause of death to tasering.

They did just that in Ohio.

NewsNet 5 reports that Visiting Judge Ted Schneiderman ordered Summit County Medical Examiner Lisa Kohlert to change her autopsy results to remove any reference that tasers contributed to deaths of 3 men involved in confrontations with law enforcement. Taser International had challenged the autopsy findings.

Interestingly the judge ruled that there was no expert evidence to establish that the impaired respiration stating that “More likely, the death was due to a fatal cardiac arrhythmia brought on by severe heart disease,” the judge wrote. Interesting. I wonder, was the judge present at the autopsy?

Taser International was pleased. Summit County Prosecutor John Manley summed it up very neatly saying “Taser is quite a force to be reckoned with and does everything to protect their golden egg, which is the Model X26.”

Read more about Kevin Piskura’s death, the risks associated with Tasering and controversy regarding its use here.


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