An(Almost)Instanteous Rejection – What a Rush!

I spend my mornings following up on my RSS feeds from various job sites, trolling links to find mention of any jobs not listed on the big guys, tweaking my cover letters and resume to “fit” the need.  If I am so lucky to find one, after the time intensive process of joining yet another corporate site, I send my application off into the ether.

When I finished graduate school, prepared to enter the job market as a professional for the first time, Kinkos had just become the place to get your resumes done. You drafted it, they made it pretty. I diligently pecked out a resume, dropped it off and a few days later picked up the elegant looking copies on fine stationary neatly stacked in a cardboard box. I bought matching stationary and envelopes then marched home to type my cover letter on an IBM Selectric, mailed out a bunch and in return got some very nice rejection letters.

By the time I graduated law school it was slightly different, there were PC’s, but the routine was similar. Print them up, mail them out and wait for the call or the rejection letter. Only the rejection letters didn’t come, nor did requests for interviews. There was a recession; jobs were scarce and the HR folks were so inundated with resumes that they stopped sending out the rejection letters.

Today nothing gets mailed out. It is email or forms uploaded on web sites. The process takes hours and dealing with forms when you are attempting to change careers is enough to make a nun swear. Today I was lucky enough to find a position I was well suited for – I filled out the form, uploaded my resume and pressed submit. Within an HOUR I received an email rejection.

I miss the old days, at least there was the illusion of hope.


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