Saturday Observations

When I was younger the weekend experience began Friday evening about 5:00 PM. The light and hours expanded and I relaxed without even trying. Friday evening eased into Saturday morning at a slow leisurely pace. I did laundry, shopped, visited with friends and laughed with my kids for what seemed like hours. There was no sense of time passing; no urgency – nothing but time, sweet time.

Saturday afternoon slipped into evening. More time with the kids, food with friends, laughter and loving into the dark sweetness of Saturday night. Sunday morning was luxurious – a pot of rich coffee enjoyed with the local paper and the New York times. It wasn’t until late Sunday afternoon that time picked up its pace, shortening the hours into homework worries and school clothes folded and ready and back to the Monday routine.

Now, in between jobs, one would think that time would always be expanded and generous, gifting laughter and the luxury of long hours to finish all the projects put off when work pressed me on all sides with no respite.  It does not.

Time these days moves forward at a most alarming pace.  Even on my beloved weekends,  I feel the hours rushing by, speeding towards Monday.


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  1. eac
    Feb 13, 2008 @ 10:12:35

    Oh boy, can I appreciate your comment about the pace of weekends…only difference is I can’t remember a time when my normal weekend routine was leisurely. Argh!!

    The concept of time has changed, well at least for me, has changed with technology. I feel that periods of time when I was disconnected with everyone and allowed to be alone are not possible. Since I am a technophile, this is self-inflicted (yet I still feel I need to commiserate with you). However, I always feel a clock is ticking-as a mother of one, as an academic on an accelerated tenure clock, as a person who can’t accept she’s aging.

    So if you find a way to slow down, even a little, please share it ’cause I could use the advice!


  2. fivehusbands
    Feb 13, 2008 @ 10:50:53

    When I first became a lawyer there was no email and my boss was bemoaning the way fax machines had altered the practice of law. No more “it is in the mail”. How the practice of law has changed – everything is instantaneous and urgent. Matters take on a life and death urgency to such an extent that real matters of life and death aren’t permitted the attention they deserve. Have you ever checked your email at a funeral?

    Children used to have a way of slowing down time; play never had a schedule but I think tech has changed that too.

    I suppose the only way to slow down is to turn everything electronic off. Since I switched to laptops 3 years ago I find that I am often online, frequently checking my email. My friends who are not so technological don’t seem to have this problem.

    I am trying to discipline myself to leave my laptop at home unless I am doing something work related. Trying to attend to being home when I am home, instead of being home and on the computer.

    My youngest is 17 years old; when he was younger there were many many days I did nothing but hang with him. For what it is worth I wouldn’t trade a second of that time for money or glory. So there is your reason to slow down because the years go awfully damn fast and kids keep growing up. The how, especially given accelerated tenure track, is so much harder. When I meditate – read poetry or make myself spend time in nature everyday I find I am more balanced, and also more effective in my work.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  3. fivehusbands
    Feb 13, 2008 @ 11:01:41

    EAC – while I have your attention, and knowing your technophile tendencies I have a question for you on my post on RSS feeders – how do you manage all the information?

    I follow politics, art, writing and environmetal/sustainability – oh yes – and a blog on the impact of “Hello Kitty” fanaticism.

    That is my guilty pleasure.

    So how do you manage information?


  4. e
    Feb 25, 2008 @ 16:36:26

    OK, I really don’t manage the information well. Your question made me review what I do and how I review it. I just remember sites or links to sites. I don’t RSS much except news, I literally crawl through my mind to visit some of my fav blogs or sites. That is my way of organizing…


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