When you care enough to send the very best, or “smoked meat redux”

Inspired by yet another gift of frozen meat received on my doorstep. No card – corporate label greeting only. What do you send to family when you don’t really know them, haven’t seen them in years, nor do you really care about who you are sending it too and you would rather have to watch Golden Girls reruns until doomsday rather than break bread with these people. Do what my family does – send a meat or dry food product. It is expensive, lets you say, without saying, “hey we are SO much more successful than you so we can afford to send these expensive products across the county – and by the way – we really don’t care how you are doing or how your life is going – we just want to be able to tell Mom – we tried and you are a loser.’

Thanks family. We are grateful but we would have appreciated a heartfelt “hello – how are you; it has been way too long.”


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  1. angloam
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 08:59:38

    I just stopped. I sent cards to a possibly-aunt (there was an unacknowleged divorce years ago, followed by some questions about my father’s paternity) for years, and stonily got nothing in reply. It’s nice to know I’m less of an irritation to the good lady now that I no longer take that minimal effort. My non-communication is my real gift to her.


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